Importance of Routine Pediatric Eye Exam

Children need to have eye exams during their early developmental years. A comprehensive eye exam for a young child helps to determine if the child has a proper vision and healthy eyes. Most children get a brief examination from their pediatrician to determine if they have problems with vision. However, to have an advanced eye exam, the child should be taken to an eye specialist. An advanced exam for a child checks for eye alignment, eye health, history of eye conditions, and vision testing. Here are the reasons why routine pediatric eye exams are important.

Poor Vision Can Cause Developmental Delays

Children learn a lot by observing their environment. If a child has problems with the eyes, they may have developmental delays as a result. Many skills such as walking, eating, playing, and learning depend on a good vision. Children who have trouble focusing often experience frustration and they end up lagging in their development. That is why it is important to check if their vision is normal.

Poor Vision Can Lead to Behavioral Problems

When a child cannot see well, they might have a problem expressing themselves due to constant frustration. This may be even worse if the parent or caregiver has no idea that there is a problem. Poor vision leads to poor hand-eye coordination. You may think that a child is clumsy, or that they like making a mess, only to find out they cannot see well.

A Good Vision Is Important for Learning

Proper learning in school requires a child to see well. If the child has trouble reading, focusing, and seeing well, they will have problems at school. Proper eye exams help you to determine if your child’s eyes are functioning properly. If the child needs an intervention, they can be helped early before joining the school.

Sometimes Eye Problems Cause Other Problems

You may be treating constant headaches for your baby without knowing the root cause. You find that your child is always irritable, withdrawn, or is having trouble focusing on simple things. Constant squinting, dry eyes, eye infections, and other eye conditions can cause discomfort or headaches for your child. It is important to have routine eye exams so that you can eliminate such abnormal symptoms.

You Can Catch Eye Conditions in Time

Some eye conditions are passed down the family tree. When you take your child for routine eye exams, you can catch some of these conditions early enough before they cause irreparable damage. Some conditions can lead to permanent damage if not caught and prevented early enough.

Sometimes Eye Problems Are a Result of Birth Complications

If you experienced any problems during pregnancy and childbirth, an eye exam is very important. Sometimes, children get vision complications resulting from complications at birth. Preterm children, children with other abnormal genetic conditions, and eye diseases are at high risk of having eye problems. If your child has excessive blinking, misaligned eyes, zero eye contact, poor tracking skills, excessive tears, eye rubbing, and headaches, take them to an eye specialist.

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