Smoot Eye Care LLC offers eye care for the entire family. Aside from regular exams, we offer eye disease treatment services and pediatric care.

Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Myopia prevention is a relatively new venture in optometry to try to reduce the rate of change or development of high prescriptions in children.

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Pediatric Eye Exam

Maintaining good eye health is important - it requires regular exams and starts at a very young age. Smoot Eye Care LLC is helping the parents to teach the importance of eye health.

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Contact Lens Exams

Contact lenses are among the safest forms of vision correction when patients follow the proper care and wearing instructions provided by their eye doctor.

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Disease Management

Millions of patients are diagnosed with diseases and conditions of the eye every year. Some of which may not display symptoms until there is irreversible damage to the patient’s vision.

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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is generally conducted in-office, in once- or twice-weekly sessions of 30 minutes to an hour, sometimes with homework.

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